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"Untill you can look in the mirror and see God, then you don't know God" - Alfreda Lanoix

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- About: Go To Hell

Go To Hell comes out of my life of struggle and not understanding the why. It is not just another self-help, “feel good” read.  It is an experience.

Go To Hell was created from my life experiences and, from them, the knowledge that life is not personal.  Situations, incidents and circumstances, whether they are positive, negative or indifferent, will show up in your life.  I know now that, through my life experiences, I was my greatest enemy.  I believed that the things that happened to me (“life”) were unfair and this allowed me to be a victim as I continued to struggle in that mindset.  I spent a great majority of my time feeling very hopeless and powerless and placing blame:  blaming others, blaming my gender, blaming my sexuality and blaming my race.  I had created my own personal “hell” on earth. 

As I saw it, my life appeared to be a series of challenges and situations that produced the same outcome:  dissatisfaction, disquiet, “hell”.   I grew more and more tired of it, so I made a commitment to myself to embark upon a journey of meditation, research, reading of positive, affirming books, and purposeful solitude in order to find answers.  Through this journey, I came to know that it’s my choice, my decision, my life, my time, my planet and I am so glad to be here.  Life and what you do with it is all a judgment call. 

From that journey came Go To Hell In writing this book, my intent is to inspire and encourage readers with honesty, clarity and even “comic relief” as they face everyday challenges and realizations.  It gives a formula/format for living so that they can come to experience the goodness of life.  When you go through hell, you are literally going through a spiritual rebirth and an authentic awakening, if and only if you choose to experience it that way. What you gain when you “go to hell” and come through it, will assist you for the rest of your life.  This book will help you to discover that, regardless of life’s challenges, in spite of how “life shows up at your door”, and no matter how serious life requires you to be, you can look at life, yourself, and your choices honestly and then be able to laugh.  

Because Go To Hell is based on real life, everyday experiences, its appeal is universal.  Everyone, at one time or another has been told to “go to hell”, has “caught hell” from a boss, friend or mate, or has had an experience “from hell”. This book will, therefore, be a much sought-after gift from friends to friends who are going through “hell”.   It will appeal to both religious and non-religious people because it inspires and motivates.

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