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Alfreda Lanoix Online is an internet resource for forward-thinking, progressive people from all walks of life.

"Untill you can look in the mirror and see God, then you don't know God" - Alfreda Lanoix

Welcome to the Official Page for Love@Work ("LAW")
Alfreda Lanoix, Founder & Fascilitator

Love@Work..The Exchange | New Building!
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Inglewood, CA 90301

ABOUT LAW - Love@Work: LAW is a spiritual support group that encourages true spirituality and assists those have evolved beyond religion, in appreciating the power of their own voice. It is part metaphysical lecture, part soulful entertainment, and part fellowship. It is not uncommon to hear incredible spoken word followed by a spontaneous performance of R&B Soul - the likes of Luther Vandross - or an introduction to the reality of race and ethnicity, lyrically taught through the oldschool brand of Hip-hop music. In short, LAW is exactly what its supporters make it: An open environment for multifaceted sharing of our common humanity.


The Creation of Love@Work ( Logo TV)


Enough is enough says Rev. Alfreda Lanoix, founder of the social justice and spiritual empowerment group, LOVE @ WORK (“LAW”), based in Central Los Angeles. 

As an invited guest of the recent Church of God in Christ (COGIC) youth convention gospel musical artist, Rev. Donnie McClurkin 1) bashed his fellow gospel artist, Tonex, for discussing his homosexuality openly while continuing his gospel music ministry; 2) compared all gay people to vampires; and 3) called Black Christian youth “a perversion . . . feminine men . . . butch lesbians.”  Accordingly, the concerned participants of LAW, who range from heterosexual Black males to young Black lesbians, are putting out a call to action to the nation at large.  LAW is requesting video submissions to be posted on YouTube or on

LAW is currently planning to develop a concert that features openly gay musical artists.  Proceeds will benefit outreach programs organized by the non-profit group.  Speaking of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning youth (“GLBTQ”), Rev. Lanoix proclaims, “You are not an abomination!  God loves you just as you are . . . .Just as with the insurrections, revolts and bus boycotts organized by our ancestors, we are created for times like these.”

Rah-Zah LaTour, a married straight Black man with three children says, “First Donnie McClurkin owes all of our youth a public apology and we expect one expeditiously.   Second, we are asking anyone who truly believes in liberty and justice for all to become a committee of one and speak out against the homophobia and prejudice being taught in our churches, on our jobs, and in our homes.  Finally, we need individuals to tell their stories.




For more information, interviews, and bookings, please contact Love @ Work at:


Good Times At
Love@Work: The Exchange
Meets 1st and 3rd Sunday of Each Month)

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